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World News 25/9/2013

Last updated: 15:35 GMT

UNITED NATIONS: The 68th Session got underway with an address from Barrack Obama which will be further discussed here.

The Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff strong criticised the US and the NSA at the beginning of her address to the UN calling it an “intrusion” and calling it a “breach of international law”.

“The right to security of a country’s citizens can never be insured by violating the fundamental human and civil rights of another country’s…” – Rousseff (03:30)

This session saw the much anticipated first speech by new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. His tone was not as conciliatory as perhaps was expected however it was not aggressive either. He highlighted that Iran wished to work to create a less militarised, more stable world but also highlighted what he felt were injustices being perpetrated against Iran such has the harsh international trade sanctions. Rouhani argued forcefully against these sanctions, saying that they violated inalienable human rights and caused widespread suffering.

Leaders of India and Pakistan and said to meet sometime today to discuss the situations in Kashmir after fresh protests and instability in the past week. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif will meet while the UN General Assembly is ongoing in New York this week.

PAKISTAN: Yesterday’s 7.8 earthquake centred on southwest Pakistan has killed at least 370 people and created a new island. The army has been sent to the region to assist in rescue efforts.

Image from http://www.express.pk

KENYA: At the beginning of the fourth day of conflict in the capital city of Nairobi there were accusations found on Twitter once again. An account linked to al-Shabab, the militant group responsible for this attack which has left at least 61 people dead, claims that Kenyan security forces used chemical weapons to end the siege and have now collapsed a floor to hide the evidence, killing 137 hostages.

Government spokesman Manoah Esipisu denied this and told the AP that the official civilian death toll remains 61 and that no chemical weapons were used. He confirmed that there was a collapse inside the shopping mall but claimed it was caused by a fire started by the militants, they believe 8 civilian hostages could be under the rubble and possible an unknown number of militants.

MALDIVES: There is global concern as a Maldivian court postpones the presidential election scheduled for September 28.

ZIMBABWE: Over 80 elephants were poisoned with cyanide in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest game park. Poachers poisoned the watering hole in order to get easy access to the ivory. Other animals were also killed but the park does not yet have definite numbers.

World News 24/9/2012

13:30 GMT

PAKISTAN: An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude has hit south-west Pakistan with tremors being felt as far away as New Delhi. US Geological Survey has issued a “RED” alert which means estimated fatalities of over 1,000 and damages costing over $1 billion. Updates will follow via Twitter.

WALES: Welsh police have arrested 4 men in connection with a slavery ring in the UK. The investigation followsedthe discovery of Darrell Simester, 43, who had been missing for 13 years and had apparently been living and working in the area.

UNITED NATIONS: The UN meet today in New York. President Obama will give a welcome address followed by a statement by new Iranian President Rouhani.

The 24th Regular session the Human Rights Council are meeting in Geneva today to raise issues of international human rights in relation racism, racial discrimination or xenophobia. There has been much heated debate so far which will be discussed further here.

KENYA: The Westgate situation continues. On Saturday a group of up to 20 militants attacked the shopping mall in the capital Naiobi with guns and grenades. At least 62 people are dead and another are missing and may either have been killed or are being held hostage inside the centre.

There are mixed messages being release by multiple news sources regarding whether any Americans or British citizens were involved. There are also questions asked about how many hostages are still being held inside.

A British security source says it is “a possibility” that Samantha Lewthwaite, a UK citizen, was involved with the militants, but Kenyan President has denied this, saying that all the attackers were men. 

GREECE: New strikes have begun all over the country following further threats of public sector job cuts. The strike of public sector workers has effectively shut down schools and left hospitals with a skeleton staff. 

SYRIA: Spanish journalist, Marc Marginedas, has gone missing from the city of Hama in Syria. His newspaper, the Barcelona-based El Periódico revealed that he was kidnapped by Islamist fighters but that no group has taken responsibility yet.

RUSSIA: Edward Snowden’s lawyer gave an exclusive interview to RT today, which can be viewed here.

CHINA: 14 baby panda cubs were shown to the public today. 14 cubs were artificially bred in the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base in south-west China’s Sichuan province.

World News 23/9/2013


15:15 GMT

KENYAAl-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda-linked, Somali Islamist militants, attacked the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi on Saturday, leaving at least 62 and a further 63 people are missing and may either be dead or being held hostage by the militants. Kenyan Interior Minister Joseph Lenku told journalists that two of the attackers have been killed and others wounded as Kenyan troops continue to engage with them. As many as 15 attackers remain inside.

ISRAEL: Members of Israel’s cabinet have urged to call off peace negotiations with Palestine following the deaths of two Israeli soldiers.

PAKISTAN: A suicide bombing of a church in the Peshawar region of Pakistan which killed 80 people has sparked protests as the victims are buried. It is thought to have been the deadliest attack ever on Pakistan’s Christian community and the attackers are thought to have had links to the Taliban. 

EGYPT: An Egyptian court has banned the Muslim Brotherhood and all its activities today.

World News 22/9/2013

11:30 UTC

PAKISTAN: Two suicide bombings have killed up to 60 people, according to hospital officials, at a church in Peshawar.

KENYA: Gunfire has continued in the Westgate shopping mall 24 hours after the conflict began. 59 people are suspect dead, 10-15 gunmen are thought to still be inside with 7 hostages.

Somali militant group al-Shabab took responsibility and Kenyan police forces and army are still sweeping the shopping mall trying to flush them out. There are as many as 4,000 Kenyan troops in the south of Somalia working as peacekeepers since 2011.

SRI LANKA: Tamil party have won a landslide victory in the first semi-autonomous council election since the devastating decades of ethnic civil war. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) got 30 out of a total 38 available seats.

The Sri Lankan government, which is Sinhalese majority, held the election after increased international pressure. There were reports of voter intimidation and harassment by Sinhalese police or security forces. 

Photo: Azzam Ameen from Twitter

World News 21/9/2013

21:50 UTC

The Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta, has released a statement saying that at least 39 people were killed and 150 injured in the attack on Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi by a Somali militant group with ties to al-Qaida. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack via Twitter two hours ago.

Mr Kenyatta also told Reuters that he had lost close family members in the attack but that Kenya would defeat these terrorists.

Al-Shabab had threatened an attack on Nairobi in revenge of Kenyan presence in Somalia. Kenyan troops were serving as peacekeepers in Somalia. Seven hostages are said to be being held in a supermarket that five gunmen have barricaded themselves into.

In Scotland, there is said to have been at least 20,000 people at a pro-Independence rally in Edinburgh today. Scotland’s First Minister said that an independent Scotland would disarm nuclear weapons and keep Royal Mail public.

19:20 UTC

The Somali militant group al-Shabab claims that it is responsible for today’s Nairobi Westgate shopping mall attack. The group had threatened action against Kenya earlier in the year and is known to have links to al-Qaida. It confirmed its involvement via Twitter.

The Kenyan President says that at least one of the gunmen from the attack has been arrested.  Kenya’s Red Cross are saying that at least 30 people are being reported dead and 60 injured. US state departments says that this includes some Americans.

18:15 UTC

It is now thought that up to 51 people were killed in the funeral bombing today and as many as 70 injured.

17:15 UTC

A suicide bomber has crashed into a funeral tent full of mourner in the Sadr area of Baghdad. The victims were Shia and police are saying that up to 30 people were killed and up to 50 injured.  This attack comes only hours after 7 police officers were killed in Baiji.

More than 400 people have been killed so far since September began in the rising levels of violence in Iraq.

Todays violence comes as northern Kurdish Iraqis vote for greater autonomy in local elections for the Kurdistan Regional Government’s 111-seat legislature but there is no evidence as of yet that the events are connected.

15:55 UTC

There is confusion over what caused armed clashes in Nigeria’s capital of Abuja yesterday. The official story is that state armed forced moved in to investigate a tip about weapons cache for the Islamic militant group the Boko Haram.

Gunshots began around 3am local time and BBC’s Mohammed Kabir Mohammed in Abuja says the shooting took place at a two-storey building that was not finished construction that young men had been sleeping in at night.

However six witnesses told Reuters that the building was owned by a military man who wanted to move squatters off the property. If this was the Boko Haram than it is the first time they will have attack Abuja this year. Nigerian security forces are sometimes accused of executing suspects and then claiming afterwards that they were Boko Haram members.

State Security Services would not give any details of fatalities but a witness told BBC that he saw 9 bodies.

15:15 UTC

NAIROBI UPDATE: News agencies are now placing the dead up to 22 according to Red Cross. 

Kenya Red Cross Society Secretary General Abbas Guled earlier stated that: “I would say so far we have at least 15 dead. The casualties are many, and that’s only what we have on the outside. Inside there are even more casualties and shooting is still going on”.

The number of assailants seems to have settled on five armed with AK-47s and grenades. Police are currently engaged in an ongoing shop-by-shop sweep of the complex. “They have seven hostages, confirmed,” an officer told AFP.

13:56 UTC

A number of gunmen have attacked with gunfire and grenades in an upscale shopping-mall in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Witnesses report as many as 20 attackersElijah Kamau said “attackers with AK-47s and grenades” asked Muslims to leave as only non-Muslims would be targeted around noon local time.

AP reporters about 10 dead and dozens more wounded with matches with Reuters reporters of 9 bodies seen by a Reuters photographer and an ex-British soldier on the ground. Officials will not give a current casualty figure and police are currently combing the shopping centre.

13:45 UTC

6 Iraqi SWAT police officers were killed this morning in an attack by 4 suicide bombers who stormed police headquarters in Baiji, north of Baghdad. It is not currently clear who was behind this attack but the army and police have been targets for Sunni militants in the past who have been gaining more support against Iraq’s now Shia majority government.

Edinburgh saw a large turnout with flags to a pro-Independence parade with marching bands today.