The Case for GSRM over LGBT

Gender, Sexual and Romantic Minorities (GSRM) is a broader, more encompassing term that is replacing LGBT in many circumstances. The Global Echo will now be adopting the term and this is our justification why.

Okay so most people are familiar with the initialism LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) for discussing rights and cultural issues.

But people outside of the queer community are less likely to be aware of conflicts within the community about that very initialism. Many intersex, asexual, gender-queer and pansexual people claim that the title is exclusionary. This has led to multiple other variants, LGBTI, LGBTIA, LGBTQA, and in one case LGBTQIAAP which I think we can all agree is simply unfeasible.

Also the second A is for allies and I have to say if someone is only an ally to the queer community if they get to feel like people are paying attention to them they are not really allies.

But even with just a single A the initialism is still unworkable, it’s hard to say, it’s hard to spell and frankly no media outlet will be interested in using it so it does not really further the visibility of these minority groups.

Now I’m not going to add to the bashing of the infamous ‘LGBT Soup’ article. Frankly it got enough attention at the time. It raised the same point as us that LGBTQIAAP was unusable but it’s conclusion was that people should just get over not being included. That’s obviously easier for some to say than others.

Of course QUILTBAG (Queer intersex lesbian trans bi ace gay) was floated by some as a more memorable acronym it, again, is one unlikely to be picked up by wider society because, frankly, it sounds a bit silly.

This is fundamentally our case for Gender, Sexual and Romantic Minorities. It’s broad, inclusive and non-specific. If new identities and terms arise it doesn’t matter, they are inherently included.

For this reason GSRM will now be used on the Global Echo in the place of LGBT with a link referring to this explanatory article.

Thank you for reading and engaging with this debate.


6 thoughts on “The Case for GSRM over LGBT

  1. So where do you rank in Intersex condition in your acronym? Because actually it’s neither a gender identity nor a sexual attraction thing? And calling QUILTBAG to be unlikely be picked up by wider society and you consider it silly (yay abelistic language), why do you consider wider society to pick up GSRM more likely? Coming from a technical background I have to think about GSM mobile phone networks first, but yes, context might help in that case.

    1. To be honest, this article is out of date now and so isn’t really relevant but since you asked: I don’t “rank” anyone, some intersex people I know consider themselves part of an umbrella queer community, some see intersex as something completely separate and that’s not for me to decide. Sex and gender are a complicate spectrum so I wouldn’t say it has nothing to do with gender identity either.

      No one can tell me with a straight face (pun) the QUILTBAG is going to go mainstream because no one believes that. Because it won’t. It’s a moot point. It’s fine if you use it yourself but 90% of people will have no clue what you’re talking about. If you’re fine with that than that’s cool but it’s not effective political organising or advocacy. And speaking as someone with a learning disability I just freaking love when people try to passive aggressively undermine an argument by confusing the ableism of insulting a persons mental capacities with calling an abstract concept silly.

      The author of this piece actually changed their mind about including the R is GSM because it had such a negative background but like I said this article is years out of date now.

  2. The “allies” has been used to act as a way to include people who are in the closet. Outside of that context, though, it’s unnecessary in any acronym for the GSRM community.

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